Tithing Planner

Some of us, when we felt our church faced an uncertain future, began saving our tithes. Others hesitated to make a pledge. 

It will be some weeks before members can tithe directly to our church. But as we begin our church’s financial planning, it would be helpful to know how many of us have saved, lump-sum tithes in hand … and how many have a pledge amount in mind for the rest of the year.

Please use the form below to indicate whether you have an initial lump sum to give. (Not everyone will … and that’s okay!)

Beyond this, please indicate the monthly amount you plan to pledge to the church for months of July, August, September, October, November, and December. Please note that we’re talking about a monthly amount: the amount a check would be made out for if you were writing the church one check a month.

Example: Wallace normally gives $1200 per year to the church. This year, though, he saved his tithes. In July, he plans to write a one-time check for $600 (for the months of January – June, 2023). With that done, going forward, he plans to write one check a month for $100 through the end of the year.

So: Wallace inputs a lump sum back tithe payment of $600, and a monthly figure of $100.

This information is strictly to help us draft a budget. Our church won’t be able to accept tithes and offerings until late July 2023.

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This amount represents saved tithes from earlier this year -- a lump sum payment to make when our church account is ready. If you tithed elsewhere or didn't set tithes aside, feel free to leave this field blank.
This is the amount you plan to tithe to the church on a monthly basis each month for the last six months of 2023. (If you entered a "Saved Tithe Amount" above, please don't include it in this figure.)