A New Church. A Rich History.

We’re the New Albany United Methodist Church in New Albany, Mississippi.

As a newly-planted church, we’re excited to see what happens when a small group of people — many of whom have known each other for decades — invite the community to help start something new.

As United Methodists, we truly welcome all children of God who seek to be disciples of Christ. We encourage thoughtful questions. We enjoy a challenging Bible study. We believe that people with a broad range of beliefs can work and worship together. We are dedicated to building a church where people don’t have to check their minds (or their hearts!) at the door.

We’re been gifted with an opportunity to rethink what church means. Won’t you join us?

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Ready to Rethink what Church Means?

Sunday School

Our Sunday school meets at our building (104 N. Glenfield Road, New Albany, Mississippi) at 10:00 a.m.

We currently have one adult Sunday school class with members in their twenties … in their eighties … and everywhere in between!

We have a rotating schedule of teachers with a wide range of engaging teaching styles … and an inclination toward discussion, conversation, and interaction. (You can always just sit and listen, too, if you prefer!)

If you’re looking for a warm, welcoming Bible study that embraces honest questions and welcomes lively discussion, you’ve found us!

Worship Services

Our worship services are held at our building (104 N. Glenfield Road, New Albany, Mississippi) at 11:00 a.m.

We’re in an exciting point on our journey as we decide exactly what our worship services will be like. We have some members more comfortable with very traditional, more structured UMC services … and some members who prefer a more casual, contemporary approach. Some prefer to listen quietly, while others like to lift up hands and say, “Amen!”

We’re working toward a service that offers everyone a way to connect with the Divine … because having a diverse congregation is part of our spiritual DNA.

Come join the journey! We are truly a church that welcomes all.

Sunday School – 10:00 a.m. | Worship 11:00 a.m.
104 North Glenfield Road
New Albany, MS 38652