Full Chartering Worksheet

This version of the chartering worksheet includes prompts to make filling out the sheet easier. If they help, use ‘em! If you want to answer the question a different way, that’s fine, too! We are just looking for ideas. You can’t get any of these questions wrong!

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Why are we here? Why might God want us here? Why do you want us here?
What must members do to make the church thrive? How can we help make the church grow?
What things would cause our church to fail if members neglected them? What does God need us to do? How might we support each other?
What are three things that we absolutely MUST get done before August?
When August rolls around, what will we be able to see, hear, touch, or count that will prove we’ve been successful?
What ideas steer our efforts? What are the ideas or beliefs that make us who we are?
What do we have to get done first … by the end of May?
What “offices” do we need to fill? What functions do we need? What jobs must get done?
What should every member be doing? What special talents or gifts do you bring?
When we need to make a choice, who should be involved, and how should they proceed?
What can the pastor do? Teachers? Choir members? Decision makers? Other roles you mentioned?
What lines shouldn’t be crossed? What must those we trust to make decisions for never do?
What resources do we have right now, and where do they come from? Are there some we need that we’re missing? If so, where will we get them?
We already have Sunday School and Sunday Night Sessions. What else do we need?
For each type of meeting, how often should they happen?
We have a Sunday School text message list, an email newsletter, and a website. What else do we need?
How often should we look back and ask, “How it’s going? Are we meeting our goals? Do we need to change course?”
What changes will we see in our church and community that let us know we’re making a difference for God?
What can we see, listen for, touch, or count that tells us, “Yep, you’re making a difference in the community!”?
When good things happen, how do we let folks know?
You can submit anonymously, but we'd love to know you helped!